Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the Future

2021.AI is an advanced technology and advisory company. Our team has proven expertise in advanced technologies including AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and related disciplines and with our experiences from leading technology companies and entrepreneurial success we help companies to maximize business value by implementing advanced technology.  We are a WHY and HOW company providing everything from AI strategy to the full implementation of Machine Learning and Data Science technology for our clients.

New Business Value Fueled by Advanced Technologies

In the next decade, we believe that most new business value will be fueled by advanced technology. 2021.AI’s only focus is to collaborate with you and your organization to realize and maximize its full value through our advisory services and implementation of the 2021.AI APEX platform.

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Advanced Technology Makes a Difference

Advanced technology and algorithms cannot deliver business value alone. Algorithms, to produce the new business insights, need to be trained, deployed, tuned and monitored in a sophisticated machine learning production environment. This is where the Insights solution comes in.

When implementing advanced technology, the difference between success and failure often comes down to an organization’s ability to integrate advanced technology with existing applications and infrastructure. This is where we offer to make a difference: with more than 20 years of experience in implementing advanced technology in organizations, we provide the capabilities for designing, deploying and integrating Insights with existing applications and infrastructure.


Manage Change and Nurture Talent

New business value can only be harvested effectively when your own people embrace the underlying technology and understand how to work with it efficiently. More often than not, this means changing the way you think and work.

To succeed we need to change your mindset, develop your skills and implement advanced technology. Trust plays a key role in our collaborative approach and we manage technology implementation activities within change initiatives as these deliver the best outcomes.

  • We will help you identify, recruit and onboard the right talent in your organization with our ‘Way of Growing’ offering which focuses on developing your in-house advanced technology competence center.
  • We will help you keep abreast of the rapidly emerging technology landscape through our ‘Way of Learning’ offering which offers tailored courses in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Understanding the Business Value of Data

Even though all companies have data stored, few use it to its full potential. Advanced technology and data science now offer companies to leap forward and create measurable new business value from in-house data and other external data sources.

The amount of data and information is growing and humans can rarely, if ever, comprehend and process all this information sufficiently, effectively and consistently.

This is where AI and data science comes to the rescue. 2021.AI will help your organization to use its data intelligently in order to maximize new business value, and doing away with inefficient ways of working.

Successful delivery is a core discipline in 2021.AI. With over 20 years of experience in implementing advanced technology, we have built a team with experience from world-class business, technology and consulting companies. This experience has given us the WHY and HOW to deliver tangible business outcomes with advanced technology.

We look forward to take your organization on a exciting and rewarding AI journey.


Mikael Munck

Give Mikael a call to hear more about the possibilities, and how 2021.AI can assist in your company’s AI journey. +45 51 59 50 50