AI as a Service

2021.AI APEX offers you a complete end-to-end platform, empowering you to take an AI hypothesis from idea to production. APEX provides a seamless process from data acquisition for model training to model deployment in your production environment.

APEX is an enterprise pay-as-you-go platform that can either be accessed through our cloud solution, a private cloud solution or deployed and integrated directly into our clients preferron-premisesses infrastructure.

2021.AI’s APEX platform is comprised of AI solutions developed for organizations who desire to implement advanced technology to improve business value and insight. 2021.AI APEX addresses this desire by offering a truly state-of-the art Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Science solution, curated from the best Open Source components available on the market and propriety 2021.AI technology components at any given point in time.

APEX Platform components

2021.AI APEX is intended for a wide group of users, from organizations who are just getting started with their AI agenda, to organizations who already have established advanced analytics team, including data scientists. These organizations might already have started designing and developing their own solution and are now realizing that the maintenance and the need to upgrade to the new technology coming out from the open source community is expensive, and that total cost of ownership is just growing and growing. Many might also have considered engaging with a larger vendor, but also found this alternative very expensive and little comforting as “vendor lock” issue is a risk. These organizations appreciate the functionality and the flexibility offered by 2021.AI APEX.

APEX Front is intended for the group of users whom Gartner has labeled as “Citizen Data Scientists” which are analytics employees typically with some BI experiences and some exposure to data sciences without being experts.

These teams often have limited programming experience, and ideally will want a simple and interactive User Interface which enables them to efficiently utilize data engineering features, algorithms, and Machine Learning to efficiently operate a full circle advanced analytics operation.


A simplified overview.

APEX – Key Data Science Features

A challenge in many organization is having different data scientists writing models across many different programming languages across dissimilar Machine Learning toolkits, which introduces operational risk and degrades efficiency at all levels in the organization. Instead, with 2021.AI APEX your data science team will be aligned on one enterprise platform, materially boosting new data scientist on-boarding, collaboration, skill sharing, algorithmic model sustainability, and model training plans. Functionality includes:

  • Comparison of Machine Learning experiments and models.
  • Checking the progress and learning curves of your Machine Learning experiment.
  • Easily manage all historical artifacts to retrace your steps and find the best model.
  • Share metrics with your teammates on our Machine Learning platform.
  • Use the best and most popular Libraries and Languages such as: H2O,, Lasagne, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Theano and more.
  • You do not have worry where your experiments will be executed; public clouds, on-premise data centers, or a mixture. This is all up to you to configure.
  • Easily manage Machine Learning model lifecycle. Create, test, deploy and monitor your models with one click.
Platform Technologies


There are many vital components involved in successful implementation of advanced technology. At 2021.AI, the extensive Machine Learning and data science experience both internally and in our network ensures high quality and solid focus producing high calibre machine learning components and algorithms for optimizing new business value.


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