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AI as a Service

The 2021.AI platform offers you an end-to-end platform, empowering you to take an AI hypothesis from idea to production via sophisticated machine learning and data science technology. Our platform provides a seamless process from data acquisition for model training to model deployment in your production environment.

Our platform can either be accessed through our cloud solution, a private cloud solution or deployed and integrated directly into our clients preferred infrastructure – where we will take care of security and maintenance.

Once you are on-boarded to our 2021.AI platform, we take care of the integrity and underlying components. We ensure functionality and performance, so you can focus on your core business.

When new, better and faster components or technologies are available and stable, we at 2021.AI curate and adopt these – always ensuring that the existing models and algorithms are catered for. At 2021.AI we can also offer algorithm telemetry service, where we monitor and advise on the potential model and algorithms to optimize performance.

2021.AI Platform components

The 2021.AI platform has three main components, data ingestion, modelling and model deployment to support the full life-cycle

Data often comes in an unstructured way from different sources, so the first component, data ingestion, in the platform collects, aggregates, cleans and prepares data to make it available for further analysis and modelling.

For the second component, modeling, machine learning components and algorithms are trained interactively and constantly refined, improving outputs, model results and accuracy. This is done through direct programming using the statistical languages or through an available graphical user interface for a simpler approach.

The final step is model deployment into the production environment, directly via a REST API or by any linkage our client prefers to ease the way of implementing models in production. This final step also enables monitoring of model performance, version control and retraining of models.


Platform Technologies

A sample of the technologies used in the 2021.AI platform:


There are many vital components involved in successful implementation of advanced technology. At 2021.AI, the extensive machine learning and data science experience both internally and in our network ensures high quality and solid focus producing high calibre machine learning components and algorithms for optimizing new business value.