Solverminds (SVM) is a software solution company specializing in providing enterprise application solutions to some of the world’s well-known and largest shipping carriers.
For the past 13 years, through their offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK & Slovenia, they have successfully implemented large, scalable and robust systems that are deployed across 80+ countries.
They believe in the power of machine learning and that applications coupled with predictive models will enable a new breed of services that can help move human/computer interaction forward. They are on a mission of creating software services that can build machine learning models without having to invest in complex technology platforms.
Their R&D partner, University of Maribor (Slovenia) help them engage with the top data scientists to develop state-of-the art machine learning algorithms. In addition, their partnership with SVMPharma (UK) has already assisted pharmaceutical companies predict outcomes from Real World Evidence and clinical datasets.
With such an extensive domain experience in pharma & shipping and a dedicated staff of over 300 certified developers, security consultants, technology architects, database specialists, data analysts, data scientists, statisticians and machine learning experts, Solverminds assists their clients in identifying crucial correlations & dependencies that contribute to improving efficiency & reducing risk.
Their ‘Value Analytics’ insights have already resulted in savings of over US $100 million for their clients which has been validated & acknowledged by each of their partners.