Our Way of Working

Mission and Vision of 2021.AI

Our mission is to ensure that every organization can apply AI technology to continuously extract new insights and value from data.


Our vision is to offer every organization access to advanced algorithms and machine learning through our propriety AI technology, offering to extract business value in the most simple, intuitive and user-friendly way.

What we do – AI as a Service

2021.AI is an ambitious next-generation company delivering AI as a service by integrating our advanced technology, advisory services, and implementation expertise to ensure that every organization can leverage production ready AI solutions to dynamically and continuously extract new insights and new business value from their data.

Through our propriety AI Platform APEX, which is a suite of Machine Learning technologies, we offer every organization irrespective of size and sector access to algorithms that will help them implement AI in the most simple, intuitive and user-friendly way.

In short, we help organizations on the WHY and HOW to leverage AI. This is achieved by the business implementation of INSIGHTS through projects executed by our advisory and technology implementation experts, who will make an organization-wide AI implementation possible and ensure that this is executed as frictionless as possible.


What is the 2021.AI APEX Platform?

2021.AI APEX platform is a horizontal AI platform supporting the future requirements for an enterprise grade and organizational wide implementation of advanced technologies including Machine Learning and Data Sciences.

When an organization initiates an AI project with an offset in Data Science and Machine Learning, one of the first hurdles they face is the technological choice. Most organizations are not accepting of a vendor-lock-in by major vendors, but would rather stay in control themselves. The alternative is to look into the complexity of the Open Source, Data Science and Machine Learning technology ecosystem which can be a daunting task, as the current state-of-the-art technologies represent thousands of components which can be used for this purpose, all performing different tasks often with significant overlap.

As an answer to address these technological hurdles, APEX is first and foremost a statement where 2021.AI has shaved the selection of the components down to a tiny fraction of these thousands, which we now support and deliver in an easily deployed and maintained suite of propriety AI products and services. The suite of AI products and services has features that are designed to meet the specific needs for an enterprise wide user adoption, supporting a group of functions and profiles that consist of a blend of data scientists, BI users, technical profiles, sales, other different management roles and responsibilities within the organization, all with a similar goal: To as seamlessly as possible constantly extract new insights and new business value from their data.

The 2021.AI APEX platform consists of two main components:

  • APEX Enterprise is the enterprise solution for advanced technology, offering a state-of-the-art Data Science and Machine Learning back-end horizontal solution. APEX Enterprise supports the advanced technology ambitions for a wide variety of organization, including other technology vendors who use APEX as the advanced technology back-end component within their existing technology stack.
  • APEX Front offers a simple and interactive User Interface to both data scientists and non-data scientists to enable them to utilize the built in data engineering, algorithms, and Machine Learning capabilities and visualize workflows and model generation, to efficiently work with Data Sciences to extract new insights from data with little or no programming experience.

Who we are

2021.AI was founded in Copenhagen in late 2016 and is currently a strong team of 35 passionate individuals within Machine Learning, Computer- and Data Science in Denmark, Poland, and India. 2021.AI partners with our clients and strategic business partners to help organizations delivers new insights and new business value from data. We are successful in doing so, and have by August passed the first 15 clients. We have efficiently rolled out the first version of our APEX solution delivering the first machine learning algorithms to our clients, supported by our data sciences, data engineering and technology expertise. This is supported by our advisors and consultants with more than two decades’ experience in efficiently implementing at an enterprise level advanced technology in organizations of various sizes, sectors and global geographic location.


Advisory at 2021.AI covers two areas with deep expertise, first, we provide support and advisory in defining, crafting and implementing AI Strategy for all types of organizations. We have the toolbox to assess the transformational impact AI will have for all organizations. We will ensure that our clients move towards an AI maturity, making sure all aspects of AI transformations are covered for our clients. We support and guide our clients in the many important decisions that are needed to be addressed and answered when executing and implementing technology in the organization including the change management processes when new ways of working need to be implemented.

In our AI Opportunity mapping, our focus is to identify the use cases with the highest potential in extracting new business value. These could be, for example, creating a compelling customer experience with the extensive use of data, truly optimizing core operations with the extensive use of data and last but not least, creating brand new revenue streams with the extensive use of data. In the short; the 2021.AI advisory team is there to generate a better top and bottom line for our clients, define low barrier investments and generate unique new insights.



Seamlessly integrated with the advisory team, our data science team ensures that the most efficient algorithms and Machine Learning models are applied to the specific clients use cases.

Combining your organization’s business experts with our expertise is a powerful combination to identify, design, train, deploy (and then continuously fine-tune) the algorithms and Machine Learning components needed to deliver the optimal results and performance. In this process, 2021.AI will also be responsible for integrating the algorithms and Machine Learning components via the 2021.AI INSIGHTS platform to the existing legacy applications and IT infrastructure.

Typically we work from two engagement models:

  • Projects: When clients do not have an in-house capacity or AI capabilities, 2021.AI will take full responsibility for the complete project.
  • AI Augmentation: Our client will have in-house AI competencies/teams, which are augmented with 2021.AI expertise in the requested areas.


We supply business advisory and advanced technology experts that deliver expertise across the AI value stack.

We offer our clients:

  • Advanced technology advisory services
  • Advanced technology project teams
  • Dedicated advanced technology teams
  • Build and operate advanced technology competence centers for clients

Our resource profiles:


  • Executive Advisor
  • Senior Advisor
  • Subject matter Experts

Business and Data Experts

  • Enterprise Architects
  • AI Solution Architects
  • Data Architects
  • AI Business Analysts

Advanced Analytics Experts

  • Data Scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Business Intelligence
  • Researchers

Our resource profiles:

Project Management

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers

Data Ops

  • Data Modellers
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Visualizations Experts

Technology Experts

  • Full Stack development and operations teams (front end, integration, and backend) for Machine Learning, Open Source, Microsoft and Java Frameworks

Delivery Management is a fundamental field at 2021.AI. We are experts from some of the most successful technology and consulting companies, with many years of experience, to ensure the most successful and efficient delivery management process available.


Kiran Vas

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