Our Team

Our Team

Board of Directors

Michael Sauer

Chairman of the Board

Michael began his professional career with the Swiss Banking Corporation in London and is an international investment banker. Michael has been Chairman/CEO of the Visor Groups Investment Banking arm from 2005 – 2016 and the CEO/CIO of the Visor Group since October 2009. Michael co-founded Visor Capital and has over more than 20 years years of executive management and investment experience in Emerging Markets, particularly in Russia/CIS and India but in the latter years also from the USA and in VC technology investments across the globe.

Henrik Von Scheel

Board Member

Henrik is best known as one of the founding fathers of Industry 4.0 and one of the co-founders of the the “digital agenda” today. A leading authority on corporate and national competitiveness and one of the most influential business thinker on strategy management concepts and corporate practices. Henrik is a Best-selling author, sought-after speaker and one of the most influential board members and advisor.  Henrik serves as a board member at Google EMEA, Gazprom, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Global University Alliance and Capital Investment Partners etc.

Danny Lange

Board Member

Dr. Danny B. Lange (born 1962) is VP of AI and machine learning at Unity Technologies. Formerly, Danny was Head of machine learning at Uber where he led an effort to build its machine learning platform. Previously, Danny was the general manager of Amazon machine learning – an AWS product that offers machine learning as a service. Prior to Amazon, Danny was principal development manager at Microsoft where he was leading a product team focused on large-scale machine learning for big data.

Advisory Board

Anders Kofod-Petersen


Anders is Deputy Director at the Alexandra Institute with responsibility for the activities in Eastern Denmark. Furthermore, Anders is Professor of artificial intelligence at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, a leading university in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and manager of the data science and engineering Lab. Previously, Anders worked with many areas of IT research, primarily through his position as a senior research scientist at SINTEF ICT and senior researcher at Telenor.

Peter Soendergaard


Peter is the Senior Vice President of Gartner research, focusing on developing markets and responsible for managing and developing a global research organization of more than 1,500 experts within the fields of semiconductors, IT infrastructure and operations, communications, software and services management, business of IT, research operations management, and IT providers. Prior to this position, Peter was general manager for Gartner research EMEA, responsible for analysts, research and methodology in Europe. Before joining Gartner, Peter was a research director at IDC Europe.


Mikael Munck

Founder and CEO

Mikael has 25+ years experience from the Technology and Financial sectors. Most recently, Mikael was Global Head of Technology and Operations at Saxo Bank following Saxo Bank’s acquisition of Initto, a IT services provider for which he served as CEO and co-founded in 2003. Prior to that Mikael had a stint of CEO and manager positions within Technology. Mikael is the Chairman of Copenhagen FinTech and on the board of several other companies, in 2012 he was named CIO of the year by Danish Computerworld.

Martin Börjesson

Partner and Expert Advisor

Martin brings the full understanding of what modern technology can do and achieve for enterprises when deployed correctly. Not only does he have a deep understanding of AI, but also all other components needed to bring successful Business Transformations home. Prior to 2021.AI, Martin functioned as Executive Partner and Country manager at Gartner in the Nordics and prior to that he was the CIO at DSB in Copenhagen.

Kiran Vas

Partner and Head of Delivery & Global Sourcing

Kiran is a renowned expert in the intersection of next generation technology, agile development and global workforce deployment. Kiran has a deep understanding of AI and 18 years of hands on experience in implementing the people, technology  and process components needed to bring successful Business Transformations home.  Prior to 2021.AI, Kiran functioned as a Management Consultant at Valcon A/S advising the C suite in private and public sector companies in Business Transformations.

Michel André

Senior Technical Advisor

Michel is a senior technology leader with a 20 year successful track record leading and delivering large scale technology transformations with a focus on business enabling architecture and technology. Michel believes Machine learning, analytics and AI is a real enabler with data which will be key for future successful companies. Michel has a very broad and deep knowledge from IT strategic level thinking down to bytes on the wire and in between and an ability to connect everything. Michel has served in senior technology leadership and architecture roles in Saxo, OMX (now nasdaq), NeoNet, Swedbank amongst others.

Dmitri Kozine

Data Scientist

Dmitri is a Data Scientist at 2021.AI. He finished his master degree in Medicine and Technology at Danish Technical University in 2014. Already when studying, Dmitri has worked with data science as consultant and continued to do so over the years acquiring more knowledge in the field and looking deeper in the field of machine learning.

Jeppe Reitz

Lead Data Scientist

Jeppe is a Data Scientist with diverse interests stretching from Finance and Probability theory to modern Data Science & Computer Science. Jeppe has a probabilistic approach to machine learning and comes with a bayesian mindset. He is passionate about creating results and applies statistical learning to everything from customer analytics & asset pricing to brewing beer at home. Educational background: Cand.Merc.Mat (McKinsey Awarded BSc – highest GPA)

Thomas Tøth

Project Manager and Global Sourcing

Thomas is dedicated to help organizations reap the benefits of globally distributed workforce collaborations. Thomas has a foundation in both academia and practice. He has a PhD dissertation on globally distributed teamwork and also possess significant pratical experience in managing, developing and advising on outsourcing and offshoring. Thomas is exited about the development and implementation of next generation technologies by the means of a best-in-class global workforce.

Daniel Healey

Chief Scientist

Daniel has wide range of experience across the international high-performance sports network. During the 2008-2012 London Olympic cycle, he was director of sports nutrition at High-Performance Sport New Zealand. The success of BMC created an opportunity to work with Bjarne Riis and from 2014-2015 Daniel was head of Sports Science at Tinkoff-Saxo. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) and Masters of Science (Exercise Physiology & Nutrition). He is a registered nutritionist (R.Nutr) and accredited exercise physiologist.

Mikael Bondum

Business Analyst

Mikael comes with a ballast of experience and education across industries, cultures and geographies – the only common denominator being information technology. With an MBA in Economics and IT from CBS, UWA and Harvard on one hand, and work experience in eSports, SaaS, distributed data providers, fintech, banking and blockchain technology on the other, Mikael brings applicable knowhow into the current and future industry of AI.

Pavel Kindrat

COO Ukraine

Pavel is a project management and business analysis professional. He leads clients from the initial contact, through pre-sales stage and up to the successful project delivery. He helps clients to achieve their goals through optimal technical solutions and business processes. Pavel’s background of working in big IT and FMCG companies brings the required set of skills to efficiently solve client’s needs.

Roland Sapsford

Head of International sales

Roland has deep sales and marketing experience from managing large teams in complex technology engagements. Roland spent over fifteen years at Calypso Technology helping it grow from a small Silicon Valley software company to one of the leading capital market software companies that brought technology innovation to this established space. Prior to this Roland spent ten years in Merrill Lynch managing teams in the Private Banking division. Roland brings a wealth experience in delivering new technology to a broader marketplace.

Josef Assad

Solution Architect

Josef is the consummate technologist in the 2021.AI organization. He helps to transform the business ambitions of machine learning as a everyday tool into sustainable and efficient standardized software. Equally comfortable writing lisp or business plans, Josef has open source technology and culture etched in his DNA and have spend most of his carrier as a solution architect within a range of different organizations addressing complex and complex IT architectural challenges.

Yina Moe-Lange

Research Assistant

Yina is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Copenhagen. Previously she received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College, Vermont. She is from Seattle, Washington, has been an assistant for US Senator Bernie Sanders, and is a former Olympic Alpine skier.

Christian Villumsen

AI Strategy and Opportunity Mapping

Christian is a technologist with more than 20 years of experience in financial markets and software development, seven of these at one of the largest hedge funds in USA. Additionally, Christian has been involved in numerous Advanced Technology implementations across Europe. Christian is not afraid to dive deep into business and data domains. His focus is on all things related to AI opportunity mappings and practical implementation of these, with his newfound love for AI and machine-learning.

Lemmy Jensen

Innovation and Digital Agenda

Lemmy is a strategy & business development specialist with excelent results from a number of large strategy and business development and implementation projects. Lemmy’s has expansive experience with innovation and business transformation projects, using qualitative methods as a competitive advantage.  Lemmy focuses on both the end result and sustainable solutions, with a great sense of humor even when the going gets tough.

Frederik M Bigom

Junior Data Scientist

Frederik is on his bachelor Ha. (Mat.) focused on statistical modeling, mathematical statistic, data mining, Advanced Linear Algebra and not least programming in R, C++ and VBA.  After spending a couple of years in Saxo Bank and studying abroad Frederik is now working to support 2021.AI clients to execute on their machine learning and data sciences ambitions. Also assisting on advanced visualization of vast amounts of data and data sources.

Johnny Albertsen

Research Analyst

Johnny is working with research & development and contributes towards custom value by tracking the rapid development of next generation technologies and ensuring that 2021.AI incorporates latest developments and cutting-edge research. He helps embed these inner solutions to realize measurable customer outcomes. Johnny has a background in international sales & marketing, specialized in innovation and service management.

Antonia Bruno

Research Assistant

Antonia is a computer science student with an enthusiasm for new technology, obsessed with the upcoming era of artificial intelligence. She found her passion for artificial intelligence in Japan where she lived for several years and then came to Denmark to pursue her bachelor at Copenhagen School of Technology and Design.

Janid Abdellah

Research Assistant

Janid is Financially minded, with focus on strategic networking and proven international experience. Janid’s expertise covers finance, Internet of Things, embedded systems and energy business.