Business Opportunity Mapping

Business opportunity mapping

Many of today’s leading innovators and most successful organizations are early adopters of AI, and have already embarked on ambitious AI projects.

2021.AI offers public and private organizations a practical business opportunity mapping framework to explore AI potential by:

  • Assessing the organization’s readiness for implementing AI
  • Provide understanding on the prerequisites for successful implementation of AI
  • Prepare and formulate the first version of an AI Strategy
  • Identify and scope AI use cases for the organization which can be executed in a subsequent pilot project


Business opportunity mapping consists of 4 phases:


Phase 1: Introduction of AI

A recommended, but not compulsory first step is a 60-minute crash course. This is intended for business executives who have limited or no experience with AI and will then reach a level of understanding and knowledge to be able to successfully complete business opportunity mapping for their enterprise.

Phase 2: Business opportunity identification

Identify, map and prioritize AI business opportunities and group into specific use cases by combining in-house business expertise and 2021.AI advanced technology expertise.


Phase 3: Business opportunity exploration

Through exploration, we assist in the prioritization and selection of the use cases to provide a cost, complexity and time analysis for each. We also assess an organization’s data and technological maturity to determine how to efficiently deploy AI, machine learning and data science in the organization, taking into account the organizational process and people aspect of implementing such advanced technologies.


Phase 4: AI recommendations

Based on the output of the experiments, 2021.AI provides an initial AI strategy and an AI roadmap to sponsors and executive management to support and maximize the organization’s investments in AI and advanced technology.

The business opportunity mapping is a valuable tool in understanding the potential business values of applying advanced technologies in any organization.  2021.AI represents a wide range of experts with many years of experience in the implementation of advanced technology, which is the main component in ensuring practical adaptation of the opportunity mapping recommendations.



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