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Microsoft Spark Award Winner and a Successful Applied AI Event

The past two weeks have been extremely exciting here at 2021.AI. Things are progressing quickly and we are super busy. We are working hard with our partner Microsoft to expand our AI as a service platform. Last Monday we had a successful Applied AI Event hosted at Microsoft, along with recently receiving one of the Microsoft Partner awards.



We recently received a Microsoft Partner Award 2017 in the Spark category. This category is full of startups that are at the forefront of technology and advancing the way we think about technology.


A quote from Microsoft’s Marianne Dahl Steensen:

“2021.AI is this year’s Danish Spark 2017. They have had fantastic growth the last year and have grown to more than 30 employees. In a short period, 2021.AI has created a company on the forefront of technological innovation, out from a mission of democratizing AI and tackling the shortage of data scientists. The jury believes that their solution is both forward thinking and useful in a time where more and more AI startups are bringing new, interesting solutions to the table.” (See below for original in Danish)


Danny Lange speaking at the Applied AI Event


We also recently hosted the Applied AI Event along with Microsoft. We had some top speakers from around the world come and talk about AI and how their companies are using it. From Unity Technologies, we had Danny Lange talking about the role of Deep Learning in the Gaming industry, and how gaming environments can be great for testing real world simulations. We also had Mikkel Barth-Højgaard from Novozymes about how AI can be applied across the biotech sector. Lastly, we had Davide Roverso from eSmart Systems showing us really cool applications for AI in the energy sector with drones.


Davide Roverso speaking at the Applied AI Event


The event really showed the increased interest in AI occurring in Denmark now. We had a broad range of guests attend, with a full house. We hope everyone enjoyed it as well, and we’ll keep you updated on when our next event is!




Danish original:

”2021.AI er årets danske Spark 2017. De har haft en fantastisk udvikling det seneste år og er vokset til flere end 30 medarbejdere. På kort tid har 2021.AI skabt en virksomhed på forkant med den teknologiske udvikling ud fra en mission om at demokratisere kunstig intelligens og imødekomme manglen på data scientists. Juryen synes, at løsningen er både fremsynet og yderst værdifuld i en tid, hvor vi ser flere og flere AI-startups bringe nye, spændende løsninger på bordet.”