Tips to Joining Stena Line in Adapting AI

By Martin Börjesson:
In Sweden, Stena Line has concluded that AI is a necessity for them to approach in an increasing digital world. Striving towards a bright future using AI seems to be their theme recipe. I am totally convinced that they have a great management team in place as they also has already organized themselves to be successful in the area. Read this article on Stena Line’s AI adaptation (in Swedish).
My tips to you are:
1) Start out in small scale, but organize and thereby signal that this is for real.
2) Trial and error, it will can’t been handled as a “normal” tangible business case.
3) Find your partner, to bring you up to speed fast.
4) Build curiosity around AI, educate and make the staff interested in the potential.
5) Be prepared for transformation, these are not incremental improvements.
Good luck, may the force be with you!