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Introducing 2021.AI Press Release

Press Release

Introducing 2021.AI

Copenhagen 21 April 2017

Today 2021.AI has officially launched and is ready to join the European AI scene by offering their advanced technology to organizations across industries and domains.

‘We are so proud to finally launch 2021.AI, we have gradually been establishing the company over the past 9 months. Developing our technology, implementing our organization and signing up our first clients.’ – says Mikael Munck CEO and founder of 2021.AI.

With the internal organization in place, 2021.AI have over 20 staff members and counting in our offices in Denmark, India and Ukraine. Since the start of January 2021.AI have been delivering their services and technology to the first tranche of clients based in Denmark, Sweden and Dubai.

2021.AI is an ambitious AI company founded in Copenhagen to set out on the AI journey by offering clients to tap into the unrealized potential of their data and information asset.

‘Our observation is that many organizations struggle to get started with AI and the field of advanced technology. Most organizations who have already started to work with AI, get stuck in the experimental stage, resulting in only a few projects and use cases hitting production systems and delivering real business value. Our mission and passion lie in ensuring that our clients can harvest real business value from advanced technology. We are the WHY and HOW company within the AI field’ – explains Mikael Munck.

2021.AI delivers insights via advanced technology platform and a team of experienced technology and business advisors who many have more than two decades’ experience in efficiently implementing advanced technology which produces tangible business value.

2021.AI is proud to be on board with a team of the world’s leading experts within AI, Machine Learning and specialists in the practical implementation of technology and business transformation as advisors sharing our visions to establish a world class AI company out of Europe, focusing on leveraging the AI field for all organizations. Introducing Dr Danny Lang as shareholder and member of 2021.AI board. Henrik Von Scheel as a board member and Professor Anders Kofoed-Petersen and Peter Soendergaard as advisors.

To be able to deliver on the ambitious visions 2021.AI have, they have partnered with technology and IT services providers; Microsoft, L&T Infotech and Atea and on the Machine Learning and Data Science with, Solverminds, Alexandra Instituttet and CSAIL MIT.

The client list will be made public within a couple of weeks, as 2021.AI gradually extends marketing, their website and general communication.

For more information, please contact: Mikael Munck via mmu@2021.AI