The book-to-market value gap of the majority of listed companies is growing exponentially these years. One of the main reasons is that there is no global standard for evaluation of data and information. Therefore, this is either not accounted for or hidden in goodwill or intangible assets.

2021.AI does data assessment and information valuation – for your company to be able to qualify and quantify your data asset into a monetary valuation based on the leading principles in the industry of infonomics.

Industry and market view

Depending on your type of company and your competitors, we offer to analyze and provide your company with a helicopter-view of your market within the data intelligence field. This includes a competitor analysis, the industry-leading companies and the movement of the market in its current conditions.

This provides a clear view for the executives, to understand where they lack behind their competitors and how they can learn from other industry leaders, to become a pioneer of their own.

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Balance sheet: from goodwill to tangibles

Our approach is bottom-up, where we assess and analyze each of your data strings, aggregating this information in terms of the application path of each data set, and put a monetary value on each.

This will transform your heaviest intangible asset into something that you can monitor and measure – with the purpose of extracting as much business value of it as possible. Aiming to eventually put this on the balance sheet of your company, your data asset will get the attention it deserves. We also provide the organizational journey through our “AI For Smarties” course, which you can find on our Business Opportunity Mapping page.

Infonomics: the economics of information

The term is coined by industry leaders to name the body of knowledge on the economics of information. Infonomics is a discipline your company needs to extract the most value of your information.

Gartner’s statement on the term Infonomics is as follows:

“Organizations should manage information with the same or similar rigor and formality as other traditional assets (e.g., financial, physical, intangible, human capital assets). Information meets all the criteria of a formal company asset.”

Asset Value Dashboard

We develop and manage a dynamic dashboard for you, that sources data from all your sources and uses our valuation model to give you a real-time view of the asset value of your total company information.

This overview gives you the same view of your information value as an executive report will do for your finances. You are able to see a direct impact on your asset, when your company takes new initiatives that increase and enhance data, into production. This accounts for both AI use cases delivery by 2021.AI, but also non-AI initiatives that are going on in parallel within your company.

We operate with six leading metrics for data valuation:

•The informational measures (intrinsic, performance & business)
•The economical measures (cost, market & economic)

We believe that your company should not only focus on one type of measurement but both since they go hand-in-hand and represent aspects of the same asset. We have the expertise and knowledge to make the assessment and the analysis of these values and provide you with a monetary value on each of these. We advise that they become the baseline for assessing all internal projects that seek to enhance, increase or utilise data in a better way.

One of the key inspirations to our valuation model is the Gartner methodology published in 2015, which you can find a snippet of, below:


The first step in utilizing and maximizing your data assets is to qualify and quantify what you have at hand. 2021.AI has both experience and a track record in bridging the terminology between the information landscape and the economic reality. Putting a monetary value on your data asset will change the way you invest in IT-projects going forward.


Mikael Bondum

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