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We are an ambitious next generation company focused on maximizing business value for our client’s digital transformation based on artificial intelligence. Our vision is to build trust between business users and the new insights that advanced technology delivers to help augment their ability to improve their business decisions.


We are the WHY and HOW for advanced technology implementation. We use our own technology to achieve a simple and efficient deployment of machine learning and data sciences, guiding organizations away from processes that rely on legacy technology, disjointed tools, and intensive engineering support. Our 2021.AI platform offers everything your team needs in one open platform, allowing your organization to manage team collaboration across heterogeneous infrastructure efficiently and deploy models effectively. Should you decide that you do not have the appetite to build such capacity and capabilities in-house, we will offer you data sciences as a service, ensuring your participation in harvesting and maximizing business benefits with a minimal organizational imprint.


If you have ambitions to be a leader in your industry and want to explore and use advanced technology, then let’s co-create using the 2021.AI Platform.

Strategic IT

Dansk IT has organised a Strategic IT conference, observing how IT has increasingly gained overall responsibility for transformation, innovation and digitization in over several different companies. The event will take… Strategic IT

The Platform


The 2021.AI platform is composed of multiple components that support processes that cover identifying, designing and deploying machine learning components and algorithms.


2021.AI will maximize the entire process from identifying new business value to harvesting this value in production for different types of clients. This includes:

•     Clients who require a machine learning platform as a service, where 2021.AI will assist with everything from exploring new business value to ensuring that each project and use case are taken into production without possessing the required data sciences or technological expertise themselves.
•     Technologically savvy clients who need a sophisticated machine learning platform that can be integrated into their enterprise architecture, but wants to run the technology and data science teams themselves.


2021.AI – Leveling the AI playing field

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