Data Engineering

Data Engineering Services

Our Data Service Offerings support your organization’s data scientists to at all time optimize their process regarding easy data access in their data science universe.

Whether it is acquiring, cleaning and ingesting data or building and integrating analytics solutions, our data engineers use state-of-the art tools, frameworks and libraries to prepare the data that meet your data scientists and business needs.

Our expertise is in processing large volumes of structured and unstructured data to support data scientists in providing insights to businesses.

We have expertise in RDBMS database such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and NoSQL and additionally, DBMS such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Hbase data management solutions.

Our data experts have designed and implemented Hadoop systems, and are experienced in components such as Hive and Pig. We also work with various other programming language such as Python and statistical computing languages such as R and Julia. The team is proficient in working with distributed frameworks such as Apache Spark.


Our data services can help you with:

Data Acquisition, Cleaning and Ingestion

Support of acquisition of the required data, cleaning and ingesting the data to the data scientist’s universe.

Data Updates

Support of continuous acquisition of additional data sets and variables to improve the output of the models.

Data Visualization and Communication

Support the data scientists to visualize and communicate the output of descriptive or predictive models. We have experience in a wide range of libraries and tools that both developers and non-developers use for data visualization and communication.

An efficient data engineering team is the core to your organization’s success to produce high calibre machine learning components and algorithms for optimizing new business value.  Data engineering is avspecialized skill and our data engineers work closely together with the data scientists, domain and system experts to create and maintain the data infrastructure to be analysed by the data scientists.


Kiran Vas

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