Working and Living in Copenhagen

There’s a reason why us Copenhageners are some of the happiest people in the world, with our sound economy, well-developed public education system, safety and overall quality of life. Copenhagen is ranked as one of the best cities to live in. To be precise, for expats it has been voted the sixth best city to live in the world, and there are boundless reasons why.

In Copenhagen, you can bid farewell to the grueling “all work, no play” mentality. Copenhageners have a firm stance on their work/life balance, with low weekly working hours and a yearly minimum of 4 weeks paid vacation. This provides us the freedom to enjoy the endless opportunities of our exciting city alongside the people we love.

While it is always difficult moving to a new country, in Copenhagen, the transition is a smoother one. One of the hardest parts of relocating is usually the language barrier, and while the Danish language is notorious for being difficult to grasp, you will soon learn that most of Copenhagen’s population speak fluent English, allowing effortless communication from day one. However, if you are up for the challenge of immersing yourself into the Danish language, the government provides free lessons for everyone at a pace that is suited to you.

Copenhagen is Europe’s most seamless metropolitan experience, with its fresh modern outlook mixed with a rich history and culture. It has all the hustle and bustle of the city life yet still embraces the Danish concept of “hygge”.  You will never get tired of this city’s unique charm and iconic beauty with its never-ending cobbled streets, candle-lit cafes and rainbow-colored houses. Copenhagen also boasts an abundance of attractions, with its big foodie scenes, fantastic art culture and endless activities.

Come and find out why Copenhagen is the place to be, and join the good life of Scandinavia. You’ll be glad you did.

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