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A Quick Recap of 2021.AI and Microsoft’s AI as a Service Event

We successfully hosted our latest joint event with Microsoft. We focused on the role of AI as a Service and gathered some of the most knowledgeable people in the business to show us why it is important to start integrating AI into companies and how it benefits the business as a whole. We had speakers from Nordea, Microsoft and 2021.AI.


Christian Skøtt Maltesen from Nordea presenting at the 2021.AI joint event


The keynote speaker was Christian Skøtt Maltesen, the Group Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Nordea.  He spoke on AI and Machine Learning in Nordea, specifically on how Nordea is orchestrating AI on a corporate scale. He explained how the implementation of AI has helped Nordea provide a better customer experience using advanced chatbots and other AI and Machine Learning features. Christian also noted out how using Machine Learning helped the bank to improve its understanding of its customers by filtering data in a more innovative and intuitive way.

2021.AI CEO and Founder, Mikael Munck talking about AI as a Service

2021.AI’s CEO and Founder Mikael Munck discussed the importance of companies using AI to improve their market positions by using and driving business value from their data. Mikael gave a clear explanation of why AI would be the next big thing in business and how it is the next “electricity” because it is completely transforming the opportunities that we have. The talk also included information on the 2021.AI business model, which includes providing both the AI service and the software to organizations.


Jan Cordtz from Microsoft showcased the many features that the Azure platform has to offer and the capacity usage that it provides the users. He also touched on how AI can help us utilize our time in a much more efficient way.


The last speaker of the day was 2021.AI’s Senior Data Scientist Bjorn Preuß who showcased the abilities that the APEX Platform has to offer. He pointed out the main differences regarding the APEX and its competitors and talked about why having the full-service package can benefit both the large and small enterprises. Organizations can build a data science team with an all-around balanced platform, which has the features that you need to start getting insights from your data.