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A Future That Works: Automation, Employment and Productivity

I presume you get the pun in the headlines of this blog report. This is a great 148 page piece of research, analysis and perspective of a future where AI based work automation has become a dominant value driver. This new future will surely create a lot of new job and business opportunities but will also leave a large part of the current workforce, including those who has a more cognitive driven job, in a situation that will either require then to change their skills & competences fast or face a grim uncertainty of long-term unemployment.

The change will not happen as fast as many wants us to believe but the full AI automation “end-game” will be very radical. Reading the report there are a few high-level conclusions; the total estimated productivity gains will come about only if people work alongside machines, there will still be a considerable amount of workforce (be that manual work or cognitive work) needed and the change will come across all sectors and functions and will happen in a variety of speediness and ways. There is a bunch of great sub-conclusions backed by the usual McKinsey quality of analytical work and thoughts plus perspectives and I strongly encourage our readers to go through the report and reflect on it, if you have an interest in the how the future of AI workforce automation could unfold.

Here is the core report and its discussions.